Integrity and respect-based development is the background for all large scale enterprises. At Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited, we highly appreciate the development, mutual support, hardworking and integrity. In parallel with such core values, the standards on business ethnic are also applied for suppliers of Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited.
We always strive to fulfill the highest standards of business ethnics to successfully create the image and prestige of the Company, including compliance to the laws and all applicable regulations. Therefore, hopefully the similar commitment shall bereceived from the suppliers. This Code of Business Ethnics for Suppliers of Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited determines the main principles as the basis for.

The employee must act for the best benefits of the Company. Therefore, the employees of Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited must not have any financial relations or any illegal relation forms with suppliers that may cause conflict or signs with benefit conflict against the Company. Friendship out of business affairs is surely available and acceptable, provided that the suppliers must ensure not to use the personal relation to adversely affect the business decision of the Company’s employees, especially in sales activities, supplier selection, material selection and how to reach the agreement of the supplier.

Generally, meals for normal business purposes are allowed. Dinner, entertainment party and sponsor for tourism and business trips are only accepted when it is formed for the clear business purposes and the superior’s approval is obtained. In any cases, the Company’s employees must not be allowed to receive the gift in cash or cash equivalents if the value is over VND 500,000. Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited shall not do any things that make our employee to be deprived with their objectiveness. The professional relations with the suppliers are recommended and hopefully, you may thoroughly understand, respect and comply with this policy.

In any circumstances, the employees of Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited are not allowed to deliberately propose, negotiate and request the suppliers to send commission whatsoever. The individuals relating to commission arrangement are considered to seriously violate this Code and subject to discipline of the Company as stipulated. All employees of Khoi Nguyen must be highly aware that the damages caused by such violation shall adversely affect the prestige and commercial image of Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited in the market.

All suppliers of Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited must commit that the accuracy of records relating to business activities initiated by and between the Parties and the business records must be clear, transparent, reflecting the actual transactions and liquidity without concealing or preparing incorrect business records. Simultaneously, it must ensure to store the necessary documents to prove the compliance to the Rules of Business Ethnics for Suppliers for Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited. The suppliers and employees of Khoi Nguyen must ensure that all documents relating to goods and services in the commercial transactions launched by the Company, including quotations, technical documents, commercial contract, etc., are kept confidential. Illegal disclosure of business information and secrete shall be strictly handled. In the event that exchange of information and technical documents (technical parameters, drawings, etc) is desired, the Parties should consider the conclusion of a memorandum on understanding.

Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited treats the relations with clients, suppliers and partners equally and we hope that you shall adhere to this customs. Accordingly, we must ensure to treat fair for all clients or suppliers without allowing to use his power and prestige to conduct bad behavior such as: concealing, misleading the important events, etc., for personal benefits or preferential treatment with suppliers on subjective basis. Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited only refers to appropriateness in terms of price, quality and features when goods purchase is selected and industrial services are used.



Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited recommends that we shall adhere to the laws and regulations on environmental protection relating to our business activities, such as requirements on management and removal of chemicals, rubbish, waste water and industrial emission. The suppliers must fully satisfy the requirements on special environment relating to products provided to Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited.




During performance of commercial transactions, the suppliers and employees of Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited must commit to maintain the high moral standard for issues under the social responsibility as a part of Sustainable Development Policy applied by the Company through activities to improve the living standard of employees and their family members, community and entire society so as to bring the benefit to both enterprise and general development of the society.



If suppliers assume that one or more employee of Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited or any individual act in the name of Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited may adversely affect the Company’s activities, such problem must be reported to the manager of such employee or to the competent official of Department of Business Ethnic Management in accordance with the hotline (+84) 903.612.367. Relation between the suppliers and Khoi Nguyen shall not be affected when you honestly report the above suspicious behavior.



If any supplier or employee of Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited is determined not to comply or violate this Code, such supplier or employee shall be subject to
following consequences:
– Written reprimand regarding incompliance with the Code however provided that it must commit to remedy within a certain period of time.
– Dismissal at the available department and transfer to others.
– Termination of labor contract/supply agreement with Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited (Applied for suppliers and employees)
– Denouncement of violations to the laws.


Sometimes, each of us shall face with barriers in business, challenging our business ethnics. This Code can not cover all rules to handle all problems encountered by us. It aims to guide us how to apply the principles and regulations on ethnics to some extent so that we can handle the anticipated circumstances. Please, confirm that you have read and thoroughly understood the Rules of Business Ethnics for Suppliers of Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited and commit to absolutely adhere to the above rules during business cooperation with Khoi Nguyen Paper Company Limited as well as have clear awareness of incompliance and the sanctions.