Khoi Nguyen Paper Joint Stock Company, striving to become a TOP group of leading paper manufacturers in Vietnam with quality consistent with international standards.
Khoi Nguyen Paper Joint Stock Company, aiming at competitive prices, stable quality, on-time delivery and continuous improvement to prevent and minimize possible waste in all permissible ranges.
Khoi Nguyen Paper Joint Stock Company, is committed to implementing, maintaining and continually improving the quality management system to ensure that the Company’s products and services always satisfy your ever-increasing demands.


Khoi Nguyen Paper Joint Stock Company (Party A) is a manufacturer and supplier of products for customers (Party B).

● Surface paper carton (Testliner Paper). Used as roofing for carton boxes, quantitative (110-200 gsm).
● Corrugated cardboard paper (Medium paper). Used as corrugated layers for cartons, quantitative (90-200 gsm). Quantity: Depending on Party B’s orders and approved by Party A.
● Price: From time to time and accepted by the two Parties, shown on the order or contract annex.
● Service quality: Party A commits to the services as agreed in the Contract.

2.1. Rights and obligations of Party A

Party A’s rights

● Party A has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract in case Party B does not perform according to the contract.
● Party A has the right to request Party B to pay for the goods and pay damages to Party A in any case Party B fails to perform according to the contract between the two parties causing losses and damages to Party A.

Obligations of Party A

● Deliver goods as agreed in the contract.
● Provide Party B with information related to the product.

2.2. Rights and obligations of Party B

Party B’s rights

● Party B has the right not to receive the goods or sign the acceptance test if the quality is not as agreed.

Obligations of Party B

● Make the payment according to the terms of the contract.
● Upon receipt of goods, it is responsible for checking the quantity and quality against the handover record.


3.1. Payment methods

● Party B will pay in cash or transfer to Party A based on the Contract value (can be divided into several installments).

3.2. Payment term

● Party B pays the goods to Party A after delivery or within 45 days from the day Party A issued an invoice to Party B (depending on the order and agreement in the contract).


4.1. Time – place of delivery and receipt of goods

● Party A delivers goods at the location of Party B or subject to the agreement of both parties.
● Goods are delivered in one or several installments according to the quantity on the order and the two parties’ approval.

4.2. Delivery method

● The goods are delivered and received after Party B signs the Receipt of Party A’s receipt of goods.


● Party A has a warranty policy based on the contract signed by both Parties.


● Party A commits to allow exchange / return and refund if the product do not meet the standard quality as in the contract.


7.1. Purpose and scope of information collection

● The collection of customer information to contact customers when customers request services and products on the company email at the Contact page.
● Website information requested by customers includes: full name, contact phone number, address, email.

7.2. Scope of right using the information

Website khoinguyenpaper.com uses the information provided by customers to:

● Send notices of exchange activities between customers and the company via the website.
● Order processing, service request via website.
● Contact guests in special cases.

Besides, in some of the following cases we may share customer information:

● Send customer information to the shipper (Name, address, phone number).
● In the case of legal requirements, judicial authorities, we are responsible for
cooperating, providing personal information of customers.

7.3. Storage period of information:

● Personal data of guests will be stored during the service / product delivery process for guests and will be destroyed upon request from customers.

7.4. Address of entity collecting and managing personal information

● Name of unit: Khoi Nguyen Paper Joint Stock Company
● Address: Lot H14-H15-H16, Road Đ6, Minh Hung III Industrial Park, Minh Hung Ward, Chon Thanh Town, Binh Phuoc Province.
● Phone: (+84) 2713691666
● Email: info@khoinguyenpaper.com

7.5. Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data

● Customer information is collected via the email of the company where the customer uses to contact to request services. When guests need to change personal information, please contact email address info@khoinguyenpaper.com
● Customers have the right to submit a complaint if there is any doubt about the disclosure of personal information to the website management. Website management is responsible for receiving and resolving customer complaints.

7.6. Commitment to privacy of customers’ personal information:

● We take the security of your information very seriously, so we pledge not to use customer information without your permission without committing to trading, exchanging for third parties. three (except where the supplier must provide the customer with his name and address).
● Absolutely confidential transaction information, invoices and vouchers of customers on the website.
● Customers are solely responsible for the legal customer information provided on khoinguyenpaper.com. We will not be responsible if a dispute occurs later when the initial information provided by the customer is incorrect.
● When an information system is hacked, the website administrator must immediately notify the authorities within 24 hours after the incident.