Discover ​6 paper packaging design trends in 2019

Discover ​6 paper packaging design trends in 2019

​When it comes to paper packaging design, consumers will often tend to pay attention to:

  • A familiar logo
  • Attractive colors
  • Attractive words
  • Model, style
  • Simple shape

Customers are really interested in fresh-looking and artistic packaging, which is manufactured in accordance with ethical standards, from organic materials, locally produced, no colors or artificial flavor. All these factors of paper packaging are having a strong impact on consumers for the products displayed on the shelves.

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Here are 6 emerging paper packaging design trends for 2019 and possibly the following years.

# 1: Paper packaging with windows or transparencies

This is one of the latest food packaging trends that is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Consumers are increasingly interested in the actual product they are intending to buy. Consumers are increasingly searching for brands that contain clear, non-fussy ingredient ingredients information.

Customers are eager to know what is really inside the packaging. Moreover, customers want to understand information such as the origin of components, distributors and the process of the item from the place of manufacture to the shelf.

An effective paper packaging design can influence the initial perception of the consumer, using color psychology to emphasize the freshness of the product. The package design also draws attention to the unique properties of the product such as products without sugar, additives, artificial preservatives, etc.

Paper boxes with windows are one of the most effective ways to build trust with customers

# 2: Increase your experience with paper packaging

Customers not only buy the product, they buy the experience. The biggest challenge for all businesses today is that consumers are no longer just buying products. This trend is being increasingly exploited by packaging designers who are researching the entire shopping experience as well as the “unboxing” experience once the product is delivered.

This is the “unboxing” feeling that effective paper packaging is capable of creating for the target consumer.

Given the growing influence of influencers – those who influence the community, the packaging design will need to consider all the “small interactions” that allow influencers to share and promote the feeling of examination. Break their un-boxing when a certain item.

Unboxing – the trend of opening boxes of new product packaging – is one of the highly effective ways of marketing

# 3: Paper packaging – Environmental friendliness

This emerging trend is tied to the first trend. The idea behind this trend is “Say no to packaging waste” with 3R criteria:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers today and will continue to be an essential element in considering the changes of packaging designers.

Let’s think in a more effective way. We can expect to see further innovation in sustainability as manufacturers focus on maximizing resource efficiency by reducing the amount of packaging used. For example reduce the thickness of paper packaging.

Use eco packaging materials. Improve packaging by using edible packaging to pack food products. Imagine that our frozen food is packaged in a bag entirely of organic material which will disappear when heated. This is awesome, isn’t it?

product packaging

Not only does it contain fast food, McBike’s packaging is like an extremely convenient paper bag when consumers travel by bike.

Use recyclable packaging. To do this, businesses need to consider post-consumer recycled materials in packaging design. Packaging designers and brand marketers today need to consider producing fully recyclable packaging.

How can containers be kept at home and used for other purposes? How can product packaging not only be used as containers but also multi-functional?

Because more and more consumers are more environmentally conscious, they will be willing to use and trust products provided by companies committed to creating a positive impact on the environment and society.

This means that brand manufacturers and marketers will have no choice but to pay attention to this issue to make a difference for the brand.

# 4: Marketing product paper packaging by influencers

Marketing with the power of influencers does not only help to increase brand awareness but also can bring higher value than customers’ expectations.

When it comes to considering “influential marketing components”, packaging designers must consider packaging materials, finished products and textures. Designers need to know how the packaging will display in real life right in the product design stage.

What influences brand awareness, visual design, and packaging messages should be designed to connect with the “audience” of those influencers. Product packaging design should also arouse the curiosity of both influencers as well as all followers.

# 5: Invest in product packaging design

The focus on sustainability continues to drive the development of paper packaging, while also taking environmentally responsible actions, so today’s packaging designers need more information than just showing how to create beautiful photos or how to stand out on a shelf with a unique design idea.

Moreover, designers need a better understanding of mechanical processes, production techniques and materials science, all of which allow brand marketers to make more effective decisions. They need to have a good understanding of quantity, printing color mixing, packaging manufacturing process and all that is involved in creating environmentally friendly packaging.

product packaging

Investment and care in product packaging is the “first key” to open the door to customers.

Brand marketers need to be able to rely on the design team to create seamlessness from design concepts to mass production.

This includes the development of the latest ideas, rendering, practices, production and printing techniques as well as document research and development.

In today’s market, there are many different retail channels for consumers to choose, so designers are forced to embody effective designs to bring good customer experience in both forms. e-commerce, sales and retail.

# 6: Own customers with e-commerce packaging
E-commerce has allowed packaging manufacturers to be able to compete with retailers and to actually own their customers. To evaluate whether or not packaging design is great, we should look at how manufacturers can create consumer loyalty and ownership.

product packaging

E-commerce contributes to change the way of marketing traditional product packaging

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